Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How To Watch Videos With Airtel Social Plan Free Browsing Cheat

Hope you are aware of the latest Airtel free browsing for the month of May we posted recently, when the free browsing is activated you will have the opportunity to accumulate the amount of data. That means the amount of data you will get lies in your hands (It could be unlimited).


I also showed you how you can browse and download files with the latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat, but now I will be showing you also, how you can use that accumulated data from Airtel to watch or stream videos on youtube.

Should in case you haven't read how to activate the free Airtel Data, click here to read it. So let's do it quickly.


Before you can start watching videos using the Airtel free social plan data, you will need to download a  Native Operamini version 4.1:

=> Click here to download Native Opera Mini 4.1
=> Now after installing, open the native opera and tap on Menu


=> Click on Data Savings, now under the Settings select High


=> Next is to Disable Adblocker (Tap to toggle it off)

=> Finally, go to www.youtube.com and simply start watching videos with your free Airtel Social Plan data


That is how simple it is to start watching awesome music videos, comedy videos, movies and lots more using the Free Airtel Social Plan Free Browsing Cheat Without Any VPN.

I hope you also enjoy this cheat like others before Airtel blocks it.

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