Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How To Send Airtime From Abroad To Nigeria [Etisalat IGR]

Etisalat has come up with another way to make life easier for their customers, this new idea from Etisalat will enable everyone send airtime to their friends and family in Nigeria.

This new package from Etisalat is called "International Gift Recharge (IGR)" and it was announced recently. According to Etisalat Nigeria, International customers will be able to pay for the airtime which they want to send to their loved once in Nigeria, with their local currency.


This is what Etisalat said on their official website NGN:

"International gift recharge is a service that makes it possible for you to send airtime to family & friends in Nigeria from overseas and pay with the local currency of the country you reside in"
What this means is that, Customers who want to send airtime to their loved once in Nigeria will have to pay with the local currency of the country which the sender is living instead of paying with the receiver's local currency. e.g. If someone who resides in United States (USA) wants to send airtime to his/her friend in Nigeria, he/she will have to pay with the local currency in USA which is Dollars instead of Naira.

How To Share Airtime With Someone Abroad

There are some corporate organizations and online companies that have partnered with Etisalat to make this possible for Etisalat customers. So all you need to do is to walk in to any of the physical partner stores in your country or any online partner website to carry out the transaction.

Below is what Etisalat said on how International Gift Recharge works:

"Visit any of our partner website or physical locations in your country of residence, request for the amount you want, pay in your local currency and send to your family or friends in Nigeria."

Etisalat International Gift Recharge Online/Physical Partner Locations

=> UK             -  visit www.azimo.com/nigeria
=> Germany    -  visit www.azimo.com/nigeria
=> Netherland -  visit www.prepaidunion.com
=> USA           -  visit www.mobilerecharge.com
=> France        -  visit www.azimo.com/nigeria
=> Belgium     -  visit any moneytrans shop near you
=> Italy           -  visit any sisalpay shop near you

With this new partnership and innovation from Etisalat you now expect to receive airtime in Nigeria from your friends or families Abroad.

I hope this article helps... Please let us know what you think about this new plan from Etisalat.

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