Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Whatsapp Extends Deadline For Disconnecting S40 And Blackberry Devices Till 2018

There seem to be good news for S40, windows and other phones operating on blackberry OS because Whatsapp may be extending the deadline to discontinue service on those devices. Whatsapp might still continue working on those devices till December, 2018.


Whatsapp has been postponing the deadline to disconnect the devices listed here for almost 2 years, the last extension was supposed to expire next month June, 2017 but Whatsapp has gracefully extended the deadline till next year 31st  December, 2018.

Although there has not been any official announcement from Whatsapp to that effect but the extension of deadline can be confirmed if you navigate to settings >> about from your s40 or BlackBerry device, and you'll see details about it there.

The extension of deadline to 31st December, 2018 will be widely received as great news to many S40, windows and other blackberry phone users but this should not make you fold your hands and wait till then. You need to switch to an Android phone to start enjoying cool features from Whatsapp.

Upgrade to a smartphone now to start enjoying what other smartphone users are enjoying on Whatsapp. Don't be left out of the amazing features whatsapp has to offer.

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