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Answers To Phone Battery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There have been so many questions regarding our smartphone battery, whether it is good to charge it always or not, whether it is advisable to charge a new battery up to 6 hours before normal usage and other vital questions. In this post I have compiled some of the major Battery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and I do hope it helps.


Important Questions About Phone Batteries And Answers

Must I Charge My New Phone To Full Capacity Before Using It?

Answer:  The answer is definitely "YES".
To determine a good battery, you have to charge the phone to its full capacity. This is no more the time of NiCad (Nickel cadmium), the era has been long gone and nowadays, Lithium-ion based batteries which do not use "chemical memory" as it's the case with NiCad which caused the battery to be dependent on how it is being charged or discharged.

Does My Battery Quality Deteriorate With Time? 

Answer:  The answer to the question again is "YES".
Your battery decrease automatically over time even if you are not using it. Some people love phones with huge battery capacity and one year down the line, the battery get worse and you begin to wonder what you have done wrong. Lithium-ion batteries of today are built to last a certain number of cycles. Assuming, you use 80% of battery in one day and charge up to 100%, and use up to 20% the next day, it is assumed you have used or drained up the juice of that battery to qualify for a cycle. Depending on the device, a battery would have to go between 300 and 500 cycles before they attain about 75% of their original capacity.

Will Charging My Phone Overnight Or For Long Time Spoil My Phone?

Answer: I will say "YES" and "NO" to these question because normally, as our phone type of battery which is likely to be Lithium-ion based is equally programmed to stop current inflow when it has charged up to its full capacity. The temperature of where you charged depends because if you charge a phone in a hot place, there are chances that your phone might explode or swell up. I won't stand against charging phone overnight if only it is not kept in hot environment.

How Many Times Can I Charge My Device For A Day?

 Answer: To be brief, Shane Broesk, a battery expert, advised a "frequent top-ups, rather than one daily charge up, is healthier for your battery". To give your battery a longer life, ensure to charge up your phone before it gets off. Always charge up because that's the best and optimal way to charge your phone.

I hope these simple Frequently Asked Queations (FAQ) had answered some of your smartphone battery issues. Be extremely careful when using your battery.

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