Thursday, 22 June 2017

How To Recover Over-Scratched MTN Recharge Card Pin Using MyMTNApp

It is very painful when you are scratching out the silver panel on your newly-purchased recharge card and you mistakenly scratched off the digits on the card, it can suddenly change your good mood especially, if the recharge card is cost and you want to use it urgently. The only solution before now was to call the customer care line, explain to them and then call out the card's serial number for them to track it, but you can now recover the PINs of over-scratched MTN recharge card without even calling their customer care agent with the use of the MyMTN application.

MTN Over-scratched-card-recover

MyMTN is a popular MTN self service application that ensures your simple needs on the network are resolved without calling their agents. That means, you can now retrieve the over-scratched MTN recharge card pin using MyMTN mobile app.

How Does Recovering Over-Scratched Recharge Card Work?

With MyMTNApp, you can recover the missing digits in your over-scratched pin by simply providing the serial number of the recharge card and the other visible digits, which is less stressful than calling their agents. Below is a simple guide including video tutorial.

  • Firstly, install the "MyMTNApp" on Playstore by clicking here
  • Login your account or register an account, if you don't have. 
  • Tap on "Load over-scratched card" option. 

MTN Over-scratched-card-recover

  • Enter the incomplete "Digits of the scratch card".
  • Enter the "Serial number of the over-scratched card".
  • Enter your "Phone number
  • And finally, tap on "Recover"

Your full recharge card pin would be sent to you as SMS, then you can load it any time you wish. It is as simple as that.

You can also watch the official video from MTN that guides you on how to do this. Watch below.

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