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9Mobile Data Bundle Plan for Android, iPhone, Laptop And Smartpak In 2017

9mobile Data Bundles are gradually upgrading and to be sincere, 9mobile is really going far with that. 9mobile Nigeria is a developing Network in Nigeria previously known as Etisalat Nigeria.

Today, we will be listing out the best, cheapest and durable 9mobile Data Bundle Plan for Android, iPhone & Laptop in 2017. I will list them out briefly, and I will also add those that use Data Bundle lightly and heavy browsers.

9mobile data plans for 2017

Below are the 9mobile subscription codes, 9mobile Bundle Plan, 9mobile Internet Bundle and 9mobile Data Plans For Android Smartphones, iPhone & Laptop in 2017.

9mobile Data Bundle Plan for Android, iPhone & Laptop In 2017

  • N100 for 10MB: This plan gives you 10MB data for just N100; valid for 24hours (1day). To subscribe , dial *229*3*1# or text Ml1 to 229.
  • N500 for 50MB: This plan gives 50MB data for N500 which is valid for 7 days. To subscribe , dial *229*3*4# or text Ml2 to 229.
  • N1,000 for 1.5GB – This is one of the cheapest data plan for android phones in Nigeria. This plan gives 1.5GB data for exactly N1,000 and the data is valid for 30days. you can subscribe by dialing *229*2*7# or text AND1 to 229.
  • N2,000 for 3.5GB: Another good offer is the 3.5GB for N2,000 9mobile data plan , which is valid for 30days. You can subscribe by dialing *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229.
  • N4,000 for 3GB: Get 3GB data for N4,000 , valid for 30days. Dial *229*2*4# or text MB4 to 229.
  • N6,500 for 5GB: This plan gives 5GB data for N6,500  valid for 30 days. To get started, dial *229*2*3# or text MB5 to 229.
  • N8,000 for 8GB: This is another 9mobile Data Plan that gives 8GB worth of data for N8,000 , which is valid 30 days. Dial *229*2*5# to subscribe or text MB6 to 229.
  • N10,000 for 10GB: Get 10GB for N10,000 on 9mobile network. Dial *229*4*1# or text SM1 to 229.
  • N15,000 for 15GB: N15,000 can get you 15GB data on 9mobile. Dial *229*4*2# to subscribe or text SM2 to 229.
  • N18,000 for 20GB: Get 20Gigabyte worth of 9mobile data plan for N18,000 (Minimum wage , LOL :D). Dial *229*4*3# or text SM3 to 229. Valid for 30 days.
  • N27,500 for 30GB: You get 30GB data for N27,500, valid for 90 days (3 months). Dial *229*5*1# to subscribe or text 4M to 229.
  • N55,000 for 60GB: On this plan , you get 60GB worth of data that is valid for 120 days (4months). Dial *229*5*2# or text 6M to 229.

  • N84,992 for 100GB: Do you want 100GB data on the 9mobile Network? then get read to shell out N84,992. Dial *229*4*5# or text SM5 to 229. Please note that this plan is valid for just 30 days (1month)

  • N110,000 for 120GB: This is the highest and most expensive 9mobile Data Plan that is available in Nigeria. This plan gives 120GB for N110,000, valid for 365 days (1 year). This plan is best suitable for Big companies that rely on heavy internet usage. Dial *229*5*3# to subscribe or text 12M to 229.

9mobile Smartpaks for Light Users

We said that, we will also speak on light users and here we are. The 9mobile Smartpaks is a data package for light users who just use the internet to chat. 9mobile smartpaks is categorized in to VideoPak, SocialPak and Chatpak.

  • 9mobile Chatpak: Get ulinmited access to WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, WeChat, BBM, all instant messaging apps. It costs N50 per day ,and N150 per week.
  • 9mobile Socialpak: Get unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Instagram, Eskimi, all instant messaging apps. It costs N300 per week.
  • 9mobile Videopak: Get 2 hours of uninterrupted videos from any app. It costs N400 for 2 hours of unlimited streaming.

To subscribe for any of 9mobile Smartpak, dial *200# and select option 3 from the data menu. Choose option 3 for Smartpaks.

9mobile Blackberry Data Plan and Subscription Codes

Below are the best Data Bundle for 9mobile users making use of the Blackberry Smartphone. I listed them out for both Blackberry 10 users and for Normal Blackberry users.

For BB10 Smartphones

Blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM :

  • Monthly: 260MB for N1,000 – dial *599*2# or text MLITE to 399
  • Weekly: 70MB for N350 – dial *599*2*1# or text WLITE to 399
  • Daily: 10MB for N70 – dial *599*2*2# or text DLITE to 399

Blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM :

  • Monthly: 500MB for N1,500 – dial *599*3# or text MMID to 399
  • Weekly: 125MB for N550 – dial *599*3*1# or text WMID to 399
  • Daily: 15MB for N100 – dial *599*3*2# or text DMID to 399

Blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM :

  • Monthly: 1536MB for N3,000 – dial *599*4# or text MMAX to 399
  • Weekly: 360MB for N1,100 – dial *599*8# or text WMAX to 399
  • Daily: 50MB for N200 – dial *599*7# or text DMAX to 399

For Normal Blackberry Smartphones

Blackberry Absolute :

  • Monthly: N1,500 – dial *499*1#
  • Weekly: N550 – dial *499*6#
  • Daily: N100 – dial *499*5#

 Blackberry Complete :

  • Monthly: N1,000 – dial *499*3# or SMS COM to 399
  • Weekly: N500 – dial *499*3*1# or SMS COW to 399
  • Daily: N100 – dial *499*3*2# or SMS COD to 399

Stay Tuned. We will continue to update you on the current 9mobile Data Bundle plan and Prices.

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