Monday, 17 July 2017

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Subscription Code And Prices For 2017

Some days ago, Airtel disclosed on Facebook and Twitter via a video that they will be introducing Airtel Unlimited Data Plans. For those that followed our post, you should have watched the video which has gone viral. I guess many customers want this plans to come affordable but hell no.

Airtel unleashed this plan on Monday, 17/07/2017 which I think isn't really affordable. The price of this plan range from N10,000 to N20,000. So if you have less than N10,000 this isn't for you. The Unlimited Airtel Plans will come at different prices all valid for 30 days.

Here is what Airtel Disclosed on their Facebook page:
Introducing the Airtel Unlimited Plans just for You! Get the Unlimited 10 for N10,000, Unlimited 15 for N15,000 or the Unlimited 20 fr N20,000 and start enjoying the unlimited data life! Visit any Airtel shop to get started. #TrulyUnlimited

Anyways, below is the breakdown of these Unlimited Airtel Plans.


  • N10,000     -     30 days (Dial *471# to subscribe)
  • N15,000     -     30 days (Dial *463# to subscribe)
  • N20,000     -     30 days (Dial *351# to subscribe)

Now, this got me thinking; why will they come at different prices at the same validity period and still unlimited? Are you thinking what am thinking? Lol. Anyways, am still praying amendments be made to the prices of the plans stated above so that more customers will enjoy!

As we know Airtel is reliable and got mad speed in many locations in Nigeria. This will be helpful to Café owners, Bet shops, companies, as well as offices.

But I'm still having a second thought that this so called Unlimited Data Plan will also come with its terms and conditions, like Speed throttling after using up to a certain amount of data in 30 days of subscription.

What do you think about this Airtel Unlimited Data Plans and their different prices for the same 30 days?

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