Thursday, 27 July 2017

FIFA 18 Football Game Is Now Available For Pre-order

EA Sports has released FIFA 18 and claimed it has more defined touches, tighter turns and explosive transitions as well as new dribbling tricks but some fans didn't agree with that claim, saying that what really changed was the game graphics which is now more realistic than the previous FIFA 17. Players now boast their trademark running styles and movement helping add another level of realism.

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The video showcases the game’s ‘new’ dribbling system – claiming there has been a ‘complete overhaul’. ‘New’ inclusions include the Bridge dribble, Zig Zag speed dribbling and the Explosive dribble. However, some fans have taken to the FIFA sub-reddit claiming these aren’t actually new – and that there’s a way of doing them in FIFA 17.

One gamer wrote:

 "I just watched the video and was not impressed by the “new” features because they are not actually new.
 You can perform all of these already on FIFA 17, the better the dribbling stat of the player the more successful it is of course."


  • Explosive dribble: Just tap the sprint button instead of holding it
  • Bridge dribble: Push the analogue stick/knock the ball forward at a slight angle in the direction you’re sprinting towards the defender
  • Zig Zag dribble: Combine dribbling without holding sprint and dribbling whilst holding sprint

Another fan said:

“Most of the things they talked about are definitely not new. I’ve seen them and done them myself.”

Three FIFA 18 Packages

  • Icon Edition
  • Ronaldo Edition
  • Standard Edition

Price and Availability of FIFA 18

FIFA 18 will cost around £49.99 – but expected to be cheaper later. At least around £45. FIFA 18 pre-orders have kicked off now.

To Pre-order for FIFA 18, click here

FIFA 2018 Video ClipA new segment of gameplay footage from the upcoming FIFA 18 has also been released. The clip shows Real Madrid and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo performing his famous heel chop skill move as part of a session in EA Sports' 360 motion capture studio.

Watch below:

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