Tuesday, 18 July 2017

GTBank Has Increased Monthly Limit On GTB Naira MasterCard For Foreign Transactions

And yes GTB has finally made an upward review on the monthly transaction limits for foreign transactions on their Naira MasterCard.

Prior to now, it was no news that GTB Naira MasterCard was limited to $100 monthly transactions on foreign transactions, but the cheering news is that there is an upward review to that limit that now allows GTB Naira MasterCard holders to transact up to 10 times more that initial limit monthly.

In other words, the monthly limit set aside for foreign transactions with the GTB Naira Debit MasterCard is now $1000


Another thing that this entails for GTB customers is that for those that carry out monthly foreign transaction within $1000, they might no longer need the urgency to get a Dollar dominated card as their normal Naira MasterCard can now serve them the purpose.

But if your monthly transaction spending on foreign transactions is way beyond $1000, then you will still need a GTB dollar dominated MasterCard for your smooth transactions.

It is important to note that this current upward review was specifically for foreign spending on the GTB Naira dominated MasterCard as foreign withdrawal is still limited.

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