Sunday, 30 July 2017

Possible Solution To Screen Overlay Detected Error In Android Phones

To get rid of screen overlay detected in any Android device you have to go through some settings on the phone in order not see such behavior in your phone again.

Screen overlay notice or warning  occasionally pop-up when you are dealing with app permissions, let's assume you want to change a particular app permission but all of the sudden you get “Screen Overlay Detected". To change this permission, you first have to turn it off  from setting ==> Apps”.

Screen overlay detected on Android

At times, this occur due to some app we  installed on our smartphones that needs the screen overlay to function properly e.g. Twilight app, Facebook Messenger, Duo battery saver|booster etc. Without wasting much of your time, below are some steps to help you get rid of it.

  • Go to settings ==> Apps ==> Gear icon ==> Click on Draw Over Other Apps
  • Now click on any app running in the background and disable the drawing over other apps permission
  • Close the application and open it again, change its permission to your preferred option.

Once you have successfully disabled the overlay scree permission you will no longer see that pop-up anymore.

But I want you to put it in your mind that in some android OS, this permission is only allowed to be turned off temporary and not permanently. If your phone falls under the type that does not allow permanent disabling of such permission I will urge you to keep applying the above processes to fix “screen overlay detected” on your smartphone.

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