Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How To Hard-Reset/Reboot An iPhone Or iPad

It's no new thing that Apple product like the iPhone, iPad etc sometimes get frozen and unresponsive while in use despite all of Apple’s engineering efforts. When this happens, your iPhone or iPad stops responding, can't make or receive call and text messages, browse the net, view gallery images, etc. When this happens, the only solution is to restart the phone by making it go off and then turning it back on. Unfortunately, the regular turning off nd turning on the phone won't work so you gonna have to resort to a Hard restart.

Hart reset Phone iPad

So in this article, you're going to learn how you can hard reset your iPhone and iPad. So whenever your phone becomes unresponsive, you just have to follow these guides below and then get your phone back into good shape and working condition. To hard restart your iPhone 7 or 7 plus,

  • Press and hold the Sleep/ Wake button that is located on top of your device with the volume down button on the side of the phone.
  • Hold these 2 buttons (for up to 20 seconds) until the screen goes blank and Apple logo appears in the middle.

How to perform the reset/ hard reboot on older iPad, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, and several older iPhone models.

  • Press and hold down the home button and the power button that is located on top of the device, 
  • Hold these 2 buttons until the screen goes blank and then Apple logo appears in the middle.

So that is how to reset or hard restart a frozen iPhone or iPad. While you perform these simple troubleshooting trick, let me quickly answer your question as to why your iPhone could become frozen. Your iPhone or iPad has hung and became frozen due to a software bug, caused by either iOS itself, or a misbehaving app. For several PC and Mobile troubleshooting, visit the Tutorials and How Tos section.

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