Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Exposed: Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Is Limited -N10,000 Gives You 100GB

Airtel silently revealed its unlimited plans last week which was welcomed by Airtel customers. Although many people complained as regards to the price since they expected something affordable. Asides that these plans came in different prices but all stated unlimited which erupted many questions. Well, today I will tell you what you need to know about the Airtel Unlimited data plan.

My inbox has been flooded with questions like is airtel unlimited data plan really unlimited? The prices differ but with the same validity period. Well, I tried to reach Airtel customer care and finally got answers to the question.

After conversing with Airtel customer care, they made everything clear to me, stating that every plan has a data cap. They are listed below

Airtel Unlimited Plans Data Size, Volume

  • N10,000 package is capped 100GB
  • N15,000 package is capped 125GB
  • N20,000 package is capped 160GB.

From the above data volumes, the plan isn't that bad for the amount. If you should go for a normal subscription of N10,000, you can't get something as huge as that, 100GB. For this regime, no be beans.

Additionally, fair usage is attached to this plan.

I hope this as answered the question "is Airtel unlimited data plan really unlimited?" and the answer is NO!.

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