Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Latest Etisalat 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat Using 51VPN App [Full Guide]

I am happy to inform you that Etisalat unlimited free browsing is back again. For sometime now,  Glo Unlimited free browsing cheat has diverted our attention from Etisalat free browsing. With this new Etisalat cheat for July, you can browse, download, stream without paying a dime on Etisalat. All you need to do is understand the steps and enjoy!

Please note that this cheat does not have the 60mb daily capped restriction, it is unlimited without data cap and very fast with minimum speed of 1mb/sec.


Introducing 51VPN app. This VPN application is a foreign app precisely a Chinese VPN App that can be used with Etisalat in Nigeria to browse for free. It has been a while since we enjoyed something very cool and fresh but anyways it is time to stream and download without thinking about data. But chill, here's what you should know about 51VPN app.

Features of 51VPN

  • 51VPN provides free VPN access
  • Provide strong and stable quality nodes
  • Surf the global network
  • Free download
  • No registration
  • One key connection
  • Simple operation
  • Comprehensive data encryption
  • Privacy protection
  • Safe and secure.
  • For global users, it provides, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, UK, USA as well as other nodes.

So from the above features, you should understand it just a VPN app, so I smell we can enjoy this for a very long time. But before then, here are the requirements


=> Strong 3G or 4G network
=> Etisalat SIM with 0.0K Balance
=> And The 51VPN App -

Download from Play Store Here

How To Setup 51VPN For Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing

You have to do some settings in case you have tampered with the default Etisalat APN Seetings

=> APN: etisalat
=> APN type: default/supl
=> Proxy: None/Leave it blank
=> Port: None/Leave it blank
=> Username: None/Leave it blank
=> Password: None/Leave it blank

You can skip the above step if you are already using Etisalat Default Settings

51VPN App Settings For Etisalat Free Browsing

After successfully downloading and installing the App:

  • Launch the installed 51VPN.apk
  • Choose any of the Nods available UK Or Singapore is highly Recommended
  • Activate your data
  • Click on the ash icon with a symbol on it and wait for some seconds
  • Ones it connects you will see the Sent and Received data reading in bytes before getting full speed.

Now launch your browser and start rocking for free

Note: It will advisable to use sim with Zero balance so as to avoid stories that touches the heart and soul. 😂😂😂😂

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