Friday, 18 August 2017

9Mobile 60MB Daily Free Browsing Cheat is Back with AnonyTun VPN -See Settings

Hope you are aware of the old Etisalat 60MB free browsing cheat that works with 51VPN App? So many of  us enjoyed it via Tweakware and AnonyTun VPN before it was blocked. Good news now is that the Free Browsing Cheat is back and working again, and it is called 9Mobile 60MB daily Free Browsing Cheat due to the change of name from Etisalat to 9Mobile.

The new free blazing cheat is currently working on 9mobile via AnonyTun VPN. The cheat was blocked few weeks ago but now 9mobile users enjoy this again using the latest AnonyTun VPN. To enjoy this, follow the steps below.


Be Aware that:

The cheat is not unlimited. (About 60MB capped daily)
It has no speed limit nor throttling.

9Mobile 60mb Free Browsing AnonyTun VPN App Settings 

=> Use (9Mobile) Default Apn
=> Open AnonyTun VPN App
=> Click on Stealth Settings
=> Turn on Stealth Tunnel
=> Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
=> Connection Port to 8081
=> Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
=> Next, click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

Now use the following settings:

=> URL/Host:
=> Request method: POST
=> Injection method: Normal
=> Tick: Keep Alive
=> Tick: User-Agent
=> Leave other boxes un-ticked
=> Hit on Generate then Save
=> Click on Connect

It takes just few seconds for AnonyTun toconnect. Once it connects you will see the key symbol at the top of your screen, now minimize and start browsing and downloading for free.

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