Friday, 18 August 2017

Download AnonyTun VPN Beta v5.0 Apk (English Version) For Faster Free Browsing Cheats

AnonyTun Beta V5.0 is a cracked version of the popular AnonyTun VPN apk app. This new version of AnonyTun VPN is ad free, faster and it also works with Glo unlimited free browsing cheat. The app works on any Android device whether rooted or not. Anonytun beta is a Modded version of Anonytun vpn with a more faster browsing experience.


Features of the app include;
  1. Very fast and download speed is quite amazing compare to the official anonytun vpn.
  2. It has a beautiful and friendly interface with same configuration settings with anonytun.
  3. It doesn't eat up your battery, ram or hang your phone since it is ads free.
  4. It is written in English
  5. It can access any website that you usually visit.
  6. Streaming of videos from your favourite websites.
  7. It hides your real IP address, thereby shielding you with a virtual IP.
  8. It has popular connection protocol such as TCP, HTTP, SSL etc, which can be used to unblock restrictions by your internet service providers.
  9. You can increase connection speed from the vpn settings.

The app is not just free of ads and pop-ups, it is completely free to download. This version is so unique that you can even install both AnonyTun VPN and AnonyTun Beta V5.0 on your phone and run both together on your device.

Where To Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 (English Version)

AnonyTun Beta V5.0 can be downloaded from HERE

File Name:
AnonyTun beta 5.0 Eng(

File Size:
1.89 MB

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