Saturday, 12 August 2017

Download GBWhatsapp v5.8 With New Features

The GB WhatsApp Version 5.8 comes with new features which makes it totally superior than the version 5.7. If you are new or just hearing about this awesome whatsApp for the first time, I guess theres no offence or sin in checking it out. If you use this app, you will not feel like using the Official WhatsApp again because this GB whatsApp beats the official Whatsapp in all ramifications.

I would be hooking you up with the new features that have been added to the latest GB WhatsApp Version 5.8.

Latest GB WhatsApp Feature you Should try

  • You can now disable Whatsapp calls for Specific Whatsapp contacts.
  • Video calling now improved and working.
  • You can now send a broadcast message to 600 people which instead of 250 people like before.
  • Send gif Images.
  • Helps you hide your traces by hiding your last seen for specific contacts.
  • You can now send link to join your whatsapp group publicly.
  • No more issues of your account being banned.
  • Improved and better Whatsapp calling feature.
  • Change your Whatsapp look with the inbuilt GB whatsapp theme store.
  • Theme server now updated.
  • Change tick buttons of your whatsapp to your mood and choice.
  • Counter for your group statistics.
  • New selfie flash added.
  • You can now decide who sees your online status and your profile status. By clicking your android menu and selecting privacy to use this newly added feature.You can also hide the blue ticks whereby you get to read a message with the sender not notified and so many more features.

  • You get to see all the messages sent by a contact in a group chat.
  • You can set password on a chat to keep all the conversation all to yourself keeping it away from snoopers.
  • You get a little alert when a contact is online.
  • You can change the logo of your whatsapp to make it more attractive and better looking

With this awesome new changes am sure you wouldn't want to miss them. Get GB WhatsApp 5.8 by Clicking Here.

If probably when installing it keeps showing Application not installed it's no bog deal, all you have yo do is to uninstall the official WhatsApp on your phone and reinstall the GBWhatsapp. They sometimes conflict each other.

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