Thursday, 24 August 2017

Download PhotoMath To Solve Maths Equations Only By Taking Picture

This is one of the best Mathematics application that helps students real good in most difficult Mathematics situations.  PhotoMath is simple and different from other Mathematics applications because all you need to do is just to snap the Maths equation and the app will solve it and show you the answer including detailed working procedure.

Download PhotoMath Application

PhotoMath has gotten over 5 million downloads and the number is still increasing by the day. The app is very easy to use and even if you find it difficult to use, there is a guide on how to use it immediately you install the app on your device.  Although it is only available for Android devices at the moment, we hope the developers will make it available for other platforms.

Recently Added Features of PhotoMath

From the app developers, here are some added features:

  • Added support for more complex math (advanced algebra, differentiation, integrals...)
  • Added more detailed step-by-step descriptions
  • Improved camera focusing on many Android devices
  • Many other small improvements

Download PhotoMath Application

Students and teachers can use it as a nice tool to learn Mathematics, while parents can easily utilize to check their children's homework.

At the moment, PhotoMath have support for basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms. More complex Maths including further Maths are constantly added with new updates.

Also at the moment, it doesn't have support for hand written Maths questions as it only supports printed Maths equations and expressions.

Where To Download PhotoMath

You can download directly using the download link I have provided below

Click Here to download Photomath App

Please Take Note:

We don't support malpractice in schools with the use of this app. It is obvious students will exploit the usefulness of this app to carry out Maths expo in exam halls and in solving Maths assignments. It won't help you at all. Work hard and only use this app whenever you are not certain about an answer.

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