Saturday, 2 September 2017

9Mobile Youtube Unlimited Browsing Using AnonyTun VPN

In one of our previous posts we showed you how you can get 1GB data for free on 9Mobile that comes as Cliq4DNite, the free 1GB can only be used from the hour of 12AM - 5AM. But this is totally different because you can use this 9Mobile Youtube Unlimited Browsing anytime and anywhere, provided there is 9mobile network coverage and it can only be used for 2 hours.

With just N400 and the help of tunneling VPN like AnonyTun VPN you can use YouTube subscription to browse, download, stream videos, surf and lot more.

Anonytun 9mobile youtube unlimited browsing


How To Subscribe To 9Mobile Unlimited Free YouTube Browsing Cheat 

  • Load up your 9mobile sim with  N400 recharge card
  • Dial *200*3*3*3# to subscribe for the 2Hours Youtube bundle
  • Next, you have to Download the latest AnonyTun on Playstore from here. Or from another source by clicking here

AnonyTun Settings For 9Mobile Unlimited Free Browsing

=> Open AnonyTun
=> Click on Stealth Settings
=> Turn on Stealth Tunnel
=> Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
=> Connection Port to 8081
=> Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
=> Next, click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

And then use the following settings:

Anonytun 9mobile youtube unlimited browsing

=> URL/Host:
=> Request method: POST
=> Injection method: Normal
=> Tick: Keep Alive 
=> Tick: User-Agent
=> Leave other boxes un-ticked
=> Hit on Generate, then Save
=> Click on Connect

It takes just few seconds for AnonyTun to be connected. Once it connect you will see the key symbol at the top of your screen, now minimize and start downloading and browsing unlimitedly.

That's all with the above settings you can enjoy 9mobile unlimited free browsing cheat via AnonyTun we strongly advise you to charge up your phone and the have a very good network for you to enjoy your money spent.

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