Friday, 6 October 2017

MTN Again Reduces Its Data Volume -N1,000 Now 1GB See Destails

Whoever sold this idea to MTN NG must have failed statistics in his or her year because this is not good at all. Everybody complains that MTN data zaps and 3GB data won’t even last you for 14days talk less of 30days. As if that is not enough, MTN now add salt to the injury by modifying their data plan again.

I had noticed this earlier but just decided to wait for their official SMS to confirm the rumour that MTN will be modifying their 1.5GB data plan for N1,000 and 3.5GB for N2,000.

Y'ello! From Oct, 7, we're modifying the 1.5GB plan to give you 1GB +500MB bonus only at night (1am-7am)when you buy or renew...

  • For the 1.5GB, it is now 1GB all day + 500MB Bonus usable from 1am – 7am.
  • For the 3.5GB, it is now 2.5GB all day + 1GB bonus usable from 1am – 7am

Meaning N1,000 now gives you 1GB + 500MB bonus (usable only at night). If you consume your 1GB without browsing from 1am – 7am, your bonus of 500MB won’t be deducted but will just be looking at you eyeball to eyeball until it expires. The same thing is applicable to the N2,000 plan.

This is one of the reason I always advice you patronize third party agent that gives you 1GB for N600, 2GB for N1,100 usable any time of the day and valid for 3 Months.

This is not a good move by MTN. Because we are out of recession, is that why they choose to modify the data plans? Or they just want all MTN subscribers to be vigilantes?

I am not understanding, please can somebori explain better for me?

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