Wednesday, 30 January 2019

How to Restore and Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp

Almost everyone is aware of the new whatsapp feature that allows you to delete messages that was sent earlier. You may want to delete the message due to obvious reasons, maybe personal or official. So In this post I will show how you can simply restore messages that were deleted on whatsapp.

Personally I think this is possible because of an error, or maybe a "bug" in their recent release for Android phones, iPhone and windows phone.

Before I tell you how you can do that, you should know that whatsapp messages can only be deleted within the first one (1) hour of sending the message. This was made so in order to prevent users from deleting the whole chat history.

How to Restore Deleted Messages on Whatsapp

The process of recovering deleted messages on whatsapp is quite simple and easy without any technical stuff.

So now let me show you how you can restore deleted whatsapp messages. This method uses the night backup bug on whatsapp, normally whatsapp tries to backup your chats at 2am though there are other backup options but this is where the exploit can be done.

"In order to restore deleted messages from whatsapp, all you need to do is to uninstall the whatsapp application and reinstall it again. This will reinstall the deleted message from your chat archive that has already been backed up to your device."

Probably there is an issue with how whatsapp manages messages that have been deleted. The deleted message will only show "This message was deleted" when you are online but the message will still be stored in your phone and when the whatsapp app is reinstalled and chat restored, the message will no longer be flagged as deleted.


  • Before you decide on doing that, you should be aware that you will not receive messages that will be sent when you are restoring chat on whatsapp. 
  • This is only a minor bug from whatsapp, you should be rest assured that this bug will not last forever. So you can make use of it while it lasts.

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