Friday, 8 February 2019

Important Features to Consider Before Buying an Android Phone in 2019

New smartphones are no longer used only for talking as before. A smartphone that is well equipped with so many features offer comfort of doing everything someone would love to at a particular point.

For instance, the minute an individual thought of  going on an excursion, there is a route accessible for him to discover  through the use of applications. The users need each app on their smartphone which encourages them to stay ahead of their peers and to be abreast with changes. In the same vein, here are a few things to consider that can enable you to make the right choice when purchasing a smartphone.

Things to Consider When Buying a Smartphone

  • Battery Life: A smartphone is as good as trash without a very strong battery life. Applications use a large amount of battery thus, you need a solid battery with long lasting capacity to make your smartphone valuable in genuine sense. A 3,000mAh battery or above does not require charging so often. Additionally, controlling how much power that is being used via power-saving mode is very important for making the ideal utilization of your smartphone.
  • Operating System: Almost all smartphones need a sound working framework. Android 7.0 is the most recent sought after component in a mobile smartphone. This is because it is fit for monitoring the battery ideally with its various features. Be that as it may, in the event that you are not an application expert to the point of being a novice, Android 6.0 is additionally a decent Operating System you can opt for. Anyway, we currently have 8.1 and 9.0 which are the most recent Operating Systems available.
  • Camera quality: This is an unpredictable deal. A 16MP camera may some of the time not give the quality as conveyed by a 13MP camera, as the craftsmanship lies in auto-center element or the manner in which the user takes the picture. Some smartphones are also conveying 2 back cameras while other are not. This is likewise, a decent choice to think about whether you need a single or double camera smartphone.
  • 4G Compatibility: This is very significant and a helpful thing to ask because almost all the internet service providers have updated their networks to 4G LTE. However, You may need to know which smartphone your network provider supports so as to enjoy fast internet.
  • Memory: You most importantly require more memory for saving your files, and for fast processing. This is a very important component in a smartphone as it helps to keep the smartphone quick in speed.
  • Storage Capacity: Users need a great deal of room to store files, download and run applications or save pictures and so forth. Android smartphones has internal memory and external memory space enabling the user to store whatever he needs. You should checkout for the amount of internal storage space you want in an Android smartphone before buying.
  • Style: Would you not rather want your smartphone to look tasteful and impressive? Smartphones with great qualities come in eminent hues, for example, some smartphones come in pink, dark, silver and so forth. Feels are one of the beguiling remainders that make a cell phone alluring
  • Processor: This feature is very vital in light of the fact that the processor decides how the smartphone keeps application when it is minimized and how it runs some other applications. for example, Asphalt 9 runs on smartphone with 2.0ghz.
  • RAM Capacity: Obviously, this is likewise vital on the grounds that it decides how smooth and quick the smartphone runs and how new applications are installed. If you need more applications on your smartphone, you probably will need a high RAM capacity to do the job.


As all of the above stated features are important, likewise it is imperative to watch out for advertisements and promotions when you are purchasing a smartphone. There are enormous markdown seasons all around the year which you should know. This will give you the opportunity to buy your smartphone at a disposable cost.

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