Thursday, 21 March 2019

How To Use WhatsApp For Free With 9Mobile

9Mobile in partnership with Facebook owned WhatsApp have chosen to offer free service to every of their users. Almost the same as the free Facebook that 9Mobile in collaboration with Facebook brought to its users, with this 9Mobile Free WhatsApp, you can easily and quickly reach out to your friends and family for free.

9Mobile has made connecting with family and friends through WhatsApp very easy with this new offer for its loyal customers. This free Whatsapp service also allow 9Mobile users access their associates via the WhatsApp Business app. That means, businesses on WhatsApp can now interface with partners and customers all for Free.

According to Adebisi Idowu, Vice President, Marketing:

"WhatsApp offer is certainly a novel one as it allows our customers to put their data to other uses while they enjoy chatting and bonding with friends and loved ones on WhatsApp for free.
The offer also empowers customers to promote their businesses using WhatsApp as data which would have been used up on WhatsApp can now be used for other things with the free WhatsApp offer by 9mobile. This gives customers more value for their money. By doing this, we are fulfilling yet another promise to enable our customers do more without hassles.”

9Mobile Free WhatsApp Services

With 9Mobile free WhatsApp offer, you can do the following for free
  • Send messages
  • Pictures,
  • Videos,
  • Share docs

Unfortunately, with the 9Mobile free WhatsApp service, you will not be able to make voice calls or video calls and updating of your status.

Eligibility For 9mobile Free WhatsApp

There is nothing very serious to do before you become eligible or qualify for the 9Mobile Free WhatsApp. All you need to do it to buy your normal data bundle using *200*3*1#. The data you purchased can be used for other internet activities while you will be using WhatsApp services for Free.

This is absolutely the first free WhatsApp service in Nigeria's and it's currently available to 9Mobile subscribers only. We believe with time other networks will buy into this innovation started by 9Mobile.

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