Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Downloaded Latest Version of YoWhatsapp (YoWA) v7.90

YoWhatsApp also known as YoWA has been around for some time now and is viewed as a standout app amongst the best WhatsApp Mods. It is mainly built for those hoping to run more than one WhatsApp account on their Android smertphones. Users are given the simplicity of running two WhatsApp accounts without any need to logout from one. YoWhatsapp is created by Yousef Al Basha and this YoWhatsApp v7.90 comes with more cool features and some bug fixes.

Much the same as the OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp is an adjusted version of the prominent WhatsApp application. The new YoWhatsApp v7.90 features incredible design, customized styles and themes.

Some Features of YoWhatsapp (YoWA)

Below are some features of the YoWhatsapp application:

  • Tick style choices
  • Application launcher icon change (11 icon)
  • Send video file up to 700 MB
  • Change warning bar icon (22 icon)
  • Gathering messages counter
  • Default Blue UI
  • Affirmation of Call before Calling
  • Set your name in the principle screen and considerably more
The application is a standout amongst the most simple to use, as it has great User Interface (UI). The application works simply like your typical WhatsApp however with some custom features which the normal WhatsApp doesn't have. See below, the new features of YoWhatsApp (YOWA) v7.90.

New Features Of YoWhatsApp (YoWA) v7.90 APK

  • [Base Update] 2.19.34
  • [Exclusive] Know Deleted Status (🚫 next to time
  • [Exclusive] Custom Online toast! Enable for specific people (find it in Contact Profile)
  • [Added] Option to pin group description to chat (Chat 3-dot menu > Group Description)
  • [Added] Change Deleted msg icon color (Option 3.1.17
  • [Added] Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store
  • [Fixed] Status Saving button issues
  • [Fixed] Status incorrect story saving
  • [Fixed] Calls privacy not saving chosen list
  • [Fixed] Pics in chat (Inside) not working properly
  • [Fixed] Random crashes in conversation
  • [Fixed] Random Android O+ emoji crashes
  • [ALERT] Anti-Delete for Messages and Status by default (turn off if you want).
  • [Misc] More bug fixes and improvements!

To download the latest YoWhatsapp v7.90 (YoWA) for Android, Click HERE.

Hope you enjoy using the YOWA application, please let us know your experience with this app.

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