Friday, 27 September 2019

5G Network To Be Launched In Nigeria Soon

Introduction of 5G in Nigeria is on top speed against 2020 and NCC is considering 3 vital zones of intrigue that will be useful to the nation and Africa. These zones of keen interest incorporates improved mobile broadband applications, the low ultra-reliable, low latency applications and the Machine to Machine application.

As per NCC, Nigeria and other parts of Africa will buy into the improved mobile broadband application. Reason being that African nations are attempting to take off broadband frameworks for broadband applications.

Arrangements for preliminary testing of 5G network in Nigeria are in progress since it is significant before the final launching. The country has been separated into seven zones, each zone has been given an infrastructure company to get things done quickly.

You ought to get ready for 5G devices so as to be among the first set to enjoy the speed when 5G is fully rolled out in Nigeria.

However, something baffles me when I recall how many Nigerians complain of poor networks in Nigeria even with the availability of 4G network. With the several complains, NCC is still set for 5G network to be launched in Nigeria.

Only couple of weeks back, users of Glo cried bitterly and complained about the network being a failure to Nigerians and some even label it as the "Most exceedingly terrible Network in the Country".

Will the introduction of 5G network solve all these slow motion networks issue or we still need to wait until...?

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