Saturday, 28 September 2019

See How To Ask Google To Choose An Interesting Movie For You To Watch

If scrolling through Netflix or Hulu for near 30 minutes what you do each night, It may be that you think its difficult to see one film you like or you continue seeing long ones that you can't watch till the end considering how late it is. Here is a simple method to request Google to assist you pick a film.

In most occasions, you choose anything to watch just to keep yourself occupied. Thanks to this tutorial because it ends now. Google has introduced a new tool for smartphones that will help you to discover something worth watching. With this tool, your long periods of swiping past one video over and over, will end.

You can even assist Google to know whether you have watched the movie before and how great it was by leaving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Your experience will help Google to customize the movies it shows you. Once you pick what you need to watch, Google will advise you about where you can watch it.

How To Ask Google To Help You Choose A Movie

  • On your smartphone, perform a Google search like "what to watch" or "good series to watch".
  • Scroll down to "Top picks for you" and click on "Start" to begin rating movies and TV series. You can choose to give the movies you have watched a thumbs-up or thumbs-down as said earlier, or you can simply "Skip".
  • When you are finished with the rating, click the "Providers" button and select the providers you want. Movies provider options include Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and HBO Now, Prime Video, Showtime and Anytime, CBS All Access and Starz. In the event that you have no cord-cutter service, simply select "I have cable or satellite". If you don't have any, simply skip and click on "Free", then lick "Save".
  • When done with the above, choose whether you want to watch a movie or a series.
  • Choose the category you want, for example, comedy, family-friendly, romantic comedy, action or documentary.
  • Once you select the category you want, several interesting movies will be made available for you to watch. Select any movie.
  • Click "All Watch" to see which movie provider has the movie or series.
  • You can click "Watch now", or if you want to watch the movie from your preferred movie application on your smartphone, simply open the app and search for the movie or series you have decided to watch.

That is quite extensive, but I believe it is very easy and you have known how to use Google to search for any interesting movie or series to watch at the comfort of your home.

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