Friday, 27 September 2019

Facebook Will Soon Hide "Likes" And "Reactions" On Posts

According to some online reports, Facebook is getting ready to hide likes on its site. This probably won't be what everyone need right now but I guess it is planned for improving their users' feeling of being among.

This essentially implies that Facebook likes, reactions and videos view count on posts will no longer be visible to the public, this also include advertisements on Facebook.

While your loved ones and friends on Facebook can still like and add reactions to your posts, they can not see the number of likes or views your  posts have from others users.

This new development is on a 50:50 basis, because you will not able to see the number of likes, reaction or views your friend's post has as well. This is due to the fact that the information will also not be visible to you, but will only be visible to the author of the post.

Facebook has already started this in Australia as of now and the data gotten from there will decide whether it will take off to different countries or not.

You should also know that Facebook is currently running a test for Instagram that is similar to what It is doing in Australia.

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