Saturday, 28 September 2019

How To Activate Fingerprint Lock Feature On Whatsapp

There has been an underground work by WhatsApp developers since February 2019 trying to add new features to the app, part of these features is that you can be able to lock your chat with fingerprint. After over 6 months, the fingerprint feature is now available for WhatsApp Beta users.

The Fingerprint lock feature allows WhatsApp users on Android to open the app using the fingerprint sensor on their smartphone. Like the Authentication feature on iOS, this does not confine users from replying to messages from their notification bar and answer calls even though WhatsApp is locked.

This new WhatsApp fingerprint option is available in the most recent 2.19.221 beta version. In case you have updated your WhatsApp to the most recent version and still don't see the Fingerprint feature, you should try reinstalling the WhatsApp after backing up your chat history. If you have updated and reinstalled and it does not work, don't worry just relax while it is rolled out officially. You can download Whatsapp Beta Version by Clicking Here.

How To Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

To Activate the new WhatsApp fingerprint lock, simply follow below steps:

  • On your WhatsApp go to Settings
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Privacy
  • Now Click on the Fingerprint lock option.
  • When it is enabled, you will need to touch the fingerprint sensor on your phone whenever you want to open WhatsApp.

You can likewise choose how long WhatsApp should remain open once you unlock it. You can have the feature naturally lock the WhatsApp every 1 minute or 30 minutes. You can turn off  "Show content in notifications" if you don't want to receive any new message notification and WhatsApp will not show you new message preview when fingerprint lock feature is turned on.

Advantages Of Activating WhatsApp Fingerprint Feature

  • This adds a solid security to your information, your messages will remain safe to yourself alone.
  • When WhatsApp fingerprint feature is active, it enables end-to-end encryption between you and who you are chatting with.
  • It reduces the risk of loosing your information to scammers and hackers.

So that is it on how to activate WhatsApp fingerprint option and the benefits of enabling it. Be safe while using your WhatsApp.

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