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Cheapest And Best Data Plans For Android, iPhone And PC - October 2019

Happy New Month our royal guests and subscribers to Sooloaded Blog. So many changes have occurred in the last 1 month in the telecom industry and this has affected the prices of data subscriptions. We will try to bring the current data plans of all the major network in Nigeria so that can activate your preferred plan.


MTN  has updated their 1GB for N200. Currently, if you exceed your subscription limit, you will only be permitted to subscribe ones in a week.

Even with the recent update, there is something that can easily be done to be eligible for the offer.

Sure Method To Be Eligible For MTN 1GB For N200 

In order to be eligible for the updated MTN 1GB for N200 data plan, all you need is try not to subscribe to any data plan on that sim for 3 to 4 weeks, the SIM can be used for calls however ensure you do not activate any data plan on it. Be rest assured that the SIM will be eligible for the MTN 1GB for N200 plan if you strictly abide. These kind of similar issues is the main reason I advice people to get more than one SIM card should one go bad, you can simply switch to the other SIM.

The USSD code to subscribe to MTN 1GB for N200 data plan is *131*65*2#. Simply dial, activate and enjoy your data.

MTN Heavy Downloaders

In case you have something very important to download but the file size is big, you can opt in and activate MTN 4GB for N500 because the data bundle is worth the price.

Although there is a catch, the 4GB is not for everyone SIM cards,  it is meant for new SIM cards only. Trying to activate the 4GB on old SIM cards will only give you 2GB data. If you have a new SIM or want to manage the 2GB data like that, simply dial *131*1*1*5# to get the data bundle. 2GB data will be given to you in addition to extra 2GB bonus data which makes it 4GB. Old SIM cards will not get the bonus data.


For all Glo users who have fast internet speed in their locations,  Glo Yakata is the best plan  to opt in. This is because with Glo Yakata, you will be given crazy and mind blowing data and airtime bonuses. For example,  recharge of N2500 will get you up to N8000 worth of airtime to call all networks. That is not all, you also get a whooping 14GB worth of data bundle.

If you recharge N3000, you will get up to 16GB data bundle that is valid for 30 days. In addition, you get up to N10,500 free airtime to call all networks.

For those that bought their Glo SIM cards newly, your line is automatically activated on Yakata plans, you don't need to dial any code again. But for the Old time Glo users. there is not much to enjoy like the new comers to the Glo Network. Don't worry, they will soon taste the Tortoise speed, especially if there areas are not covered by Glo fast internet broadband. Cheer up! (LOL).

To check your Glo Yakata bonus balance, just dial *220*2# and *127*0# to check your data balance.

Airtel NG

Airtel Triple Data Offer 

With Airtel Tripple Data Offer, you get x3 of the data plan you subscribe. For example, activating N1000 data plan gives you 4.5GB worth of data bundle instead of the usual 1.5GB for the same amount. You also get free N3000 airtime to call all networks. This means that your normal 1.5GB data will be trippled to give you the 4GB data bundle which is valid for 90 days. The validity is for all data subscriptions below N5000.

Here Is How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer

You need to get an Airtel SIM card that has not been used for 3 months, or better still buy a new Airtel SIM card and register it.

  • As usual, for the SIM to be fully active you need to recharge at least N100.
  • When the SIM is active, Send GET to 141. You should receive text message similar to this:

"Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS."

  • After that, send MIFI as text message to 141.
  • Recharge your line with the amount of data you want to subscribe.
  • When you are don with, go ahead and buy the data plan you want.

Supposing you recharged N1000 and buy data plan of N1000, you ought to get x3 of the data plan you bought.

To check your bonus balance, just dial *123*1#. You can dial *123*2# for voice bundle balance and *140# for your data balance.

Airtel Premium Offer 

  • You can activate 4GB for N1000 (valid for 30 days)
  • Your can also activate 2GB for N500 (valid for 14 days)
  • Or activate 1GB for N200 (valid for 7 days)

To enjoy any of the above data plans, simply dial *141*241#

Heaver Users and Streamers 

If you are a heavy downloader or online videos streamer, there is also a plan for you.

Get Smile Unlimited Lite 

This plan is for heavy downloaders and movie streamers. Although there is a catch, the internet speed throttles when you reach a certain threshold. The plan is N10000  and it is valid for 30 days.

Spectranet 25GB for N10000

The validity of this data plan is for 30 days and it can be used anywhere and anytime. You will be given 25GB for N10000. In addition to that, you also get free unlimited night browsing bonus.

You can subscribe to the above data plans online.

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