Friday, 11 October 2019

Download New Entclass VPN And Enjoy This 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat

With many VPN apps used to access restricted websites, only a few standout because of  their ability to not only give you access to blocked websites, they also grant you access to browse the internet free of charge with some tweaks and cheats. According to the developer, these cheats will be inserted in the app while they also post it on their official blog and we will also make the process of using the free browsing cheats simpler here on Sooloaded Blog as they unfold.

Meanwhile, let me introduce to you Home Made VPN specifically made for Free Browsing. The new VPN is called Entclass VPN and it is developed with the hope that everyone who does not have enough money to buy data plan can as well have access to the internet almost free of charge.

Below are some Benefits of Entclass VPN according to the developer:

  • The VPN is actually free. You don't have to pay for premium server
  • Tweak list will be updated regularly with new working free browsing cheats
  • All updates will be uploaded on Playstore, while the steps will be posted on their Blog (which will also be posted here for you)
  • Entclass VPN is basically easy to use. No much settings. Just select a Tweak and connect. That's all
  • Entclass VPN is very small, just 2.8MB in size
  • Entclass VPN doesn't drain battery or heat up your phone
  • Henceforth, all cheats will be placed inside the VPN to avoid spies and people reporting the host/proxy server to network providers on Twitter.

Now, let us quickly show you the settings for 9mobile SocialPak and StreamingPak Free Browsing Cheat using Entclass VPN. But before that below are the requirements for the free browsing.


  • You need and Android phone
  • 9Mobile SIM
  • At least N200 or N350 for subscribing to any of the Paks

Settings For 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Using Entclass VPN

You can subscribe to any of the below plans before you can start using it on Entclass VPN.

  1. Subscribe to 9mobile SocialPak plan for N350 by dialing *200*3*3*2*3#.  Valid for 30 days which is capped at 500MB monthly.
  2. Subscribe to 9mobile Streaming Pak for N200 by dialing *200*3*4*4*1#.  The plan is valid for 2 hours only and it is capped at 600MB.

In case you want to cancel auto-renewal, dial *343*5*0#.

  • Launch the app after downloading, then at the Tweaks section, choose either 9mobile SocialPak or Streaming Pak depending on the one you subscribed to.
  • Now click on the Entclass grey logo to connect. Keep reconnecting until it is finally connected.

You can start browsing other websites, download files, musics, videos etc with the 9Mobile SocialPak or StreamingPak using Entclass VPN.

If you have any question, don't forget to drop it below.

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