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How To Bypass OTP SMS Verification And Others On Websites And Apps For Free

The times when phone numbers are only used to communicate are long gone. Nowadays, phone numbers are being used in various sites to affirm or verify users, verify user accounts, and many more. Creating account in most of the top websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth currently depends on phone numbers to be able to verify accounts

Even instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others requires phone number to create an account on their platform. These days, new websites and applications need a phone number for creating account on their platform which makes us consider protecting our privacy.

Though it may seem alright to share our phone numbers with top websites like Facebook, Twitter and other major apps, however we can't confide in all websites and apps for the fact that there is a risk of spamming or other related security threats. In such circumstances, it's ideal to use disposable phone numbers.

What Are Disposable Phone numbers?
They are simply Phone numbers that are temporary and can be used to create or sign up to various websites or applications. In most cases it is used in order to protect privacy, by not handing over your original number to sites and apps you don't trust.

The temporary phone numbers give you an inbox where you get OTP passwords or PIN. Some of the temporal phone number providers enable users to also receive calls. With these online platforms that provide temporary phone numbers, you can bypass SMS verification on websites and apps.

How To Bypass SMS Verification On Websites And Apps

In this post, we will be summarizing the best way to bypass SMS verification on websites and apps for free. All you need to do is visit the websites that we will list below and follow the guide.


In this site, you will get 7 temporary numbers that you can use to bypass SMS verification on websites and apps. There you have to choose any number and afterward open that number that you have used to verify on any site. You will be shown the SMS that will be sent to the phone number in the temporary inbox.

2. ReceiveSMS.Org

This is another site which offers dummy or temporary numbers for verification, you can pick any of the numbers based on each country,click on the number to  open your inbox and find your SMS verification in it. This is another wonderful site to bypass SMS verification.


Here you will see 6 disposable phone numbers that you can use to bypass SMS verification. The verification code will be sent to any of the number you pick on the website, and it can be found inside the inbox of the number you chose.


Here you will discover 10 different temporary numbers from the US to get SMS online for completely free. You can without a doubt use this site to create and confirm your accounts. this site can also be used to bypass SMS verification on websites and apps.


This website provides over 10 temporary numbers that you can used to receive SMS verification codes. Simply click the number, refresh the page so as to view new messages. The temporary numbers are updated each month.


This platform encourages your online business by allowing you call your clients, validate transaction, etc through HTTP API or SOAP API. The SMS option can be used to get verification codes or other messages.


This platform provides you with dummy numbers you can use to receive messages online for absolutely free even without any need to register. Messages are shown instantly on the number page. To see SMS messages gotten by number, simply click on the number to open the inbox.


This is yet another cool site to get SMS verification codes for free. To Bypass SMS verification, the site provide numbers from the US, UK, Puerto Rico, France, and so forth. The UI of the website is great which makes it one of the best site to bypass SMS verification code on websites and apps.


Grabfone is for the individuals who are searching for simpler way of receiving messages online. Much the same as other temporal numbers providing sites, Grabfone gives numbers that comes with its own inbox for receiving of messages. The number can be used to create account online and also verify such accounts easily for free. All OTPs and confirmation codes will be sent to the private inbox provided their website.

With the websites provided, anytime you need to confirm your phone number and you feel the website or app is not trustworthy, simply visit any of them, choose any of the temporary numbers provided, fill it in the website that is requesting for verification, return to the site and find your verification code in the inbox of the number you picked and fill it on the website or app and you have successfully bypassed SMS verification on websites and applications.

I hope this is helpful? Kindly share with others.

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