Tuesday, 8 October 2019

PIN Code Vs Password Vs Fingerprint Vs Face ID - Which Security Method Is The BEST?

With the number of information we store on our smartphones these days, securing our phones is not an option as it is very fundamental. Android phones are encoded naturally with various strategies to locking and unlocking them. Some are very secure, while others are very easy to use.

Some of us may be pondering on the most secures way to lock our phones?

PIN Code security

A PIN code is simply an option in place of a password key. It may be very hard to recall a solid PIN code, yet simpler than password. Android permits PINs of up to 16 digits, which has up to 10 quadrillion mixes.

So many persons are bound to pick a four digit PIN which might be hard to figure provided you do not use digits that are very evident like 1234, 0000 etc.

Pattern Lock

The pattern lock expects that you joint several grid dots by drawing from one dot to the other. You have to join at least four dots either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This method is easy to uses and very predictable.

I will say pattern lock should be used only if you don't have a fingerprint sensor or scanner and you probably don't like using Pin codes.

Fingerprint Security

Fingerprint sensors have become so regular that you even get them in almost all phones these days. It has turned into the most favored security option for some. It is quick and secure yet fingers are not generally position in the correct spot. A few advance phones even support fingerprint gestures.


It is very clear that randomly created long password is the most secured for locking your phones. A very strong password, like a passphrase is very difficult to break, and will guarantee your smartphone and everything in it is secured.

Face ID Recognition

This method is quite fast and it opens your phone with only a look. This approach is not extremely secure in its present structure.

So with the above explanations, which method do you think is the vest way to secure your smartphones?

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